Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, son of the late Chairman Fred Hampton and Ferguson activist Nyota Uhura team up to create unapologetic black media that speaks to the hearts, minds & souls of the masses… in the spirit of the Black Panther Newspaper.

Unapologetic black media and voices are under attack. We are being targeted on social media, labeled “black identity expremists”… our accounts deactivated without any warning. We are on borrowed time. This is time to be proactive to preserve our work before Youtube, Facebook and Twitter shuts this movement down. As they’ve shown with Alex Jones, they can shut us down across various platforms simultaneously, in an instant. Poof! Unapologetic black voices you follow gone just like that.

This work does not come without consequence. Unapologetic black voices have been intimidated, jailed, murdered. This work is a continuation of the effort started by Nyota Uhura and the late Darren Seals to expose the hijacking of Ferguson and exploitation of the murder of Mike Brown… And now includes the murder of Darren Seals.

Your contribution goes to fund everything that allows us to do this work including but not limited to investigative pieces, web and radio servers, bandwidth, monthly licensing fees, monthly fees to broadcast on Amazon Alexa, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, cyber security to protect this work, our physical protection and allows us to provide political education to the community and service black content creators for free.

You can also support by donating to #SaveTheHamptonHouse.
Save The Hampton House is an effort by those working relentlessly to protect the legacy of The Black Panther Party and Chairman Fred Hampton. The house is located in Maywood, IL where Chairman grew up. Work is in progress to preserve the property and transform it into a historic site where the works of The Black Panther Party can be displayed and made available for visitors.

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